About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by 😉

I’m Ben, a twenty-year-old from London. I started this blog in Jun 2017 as a way to put one of my greatest passions, technology, to some good use.

I’m a full-time Law Student, set to graduate in 2019, if all goes well. After, a few months hiatus, I have decided to return in early March with reviews.

I have love for gadgets and technology and, despite pleas from my girlfriend and wallet, find it almost impossible to turn up a good deal on a piece of tech.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog (feel free to subscribe if you really enjoy it)


If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at ben.elgamal1@gmail.com. Whether it’s something that you’d like me to review, suggestions for my blog, collaboration, or just want to ask some questions, feel free to hit me up!